We all know our mindset plays a role in our business success and that it is so often the limiting belifes and untrue stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from where we want to go in business and life. Gail is on a mission to rid the business world of women who get in their own way by helping them claim their effortless success and inner power through the tool of Eft (Emotion Freedom Technique, commonly known as Tapping).

In this episode Gail explains exactly what Tapping is and why she believes it is such a powerful tool for women in business. Known as a Success Liberator, Gail has over a decade experience helping women move through challenges into inspired action using EFT (Tapping). She is able to help her clients break through their hidden emotional and belief barriers so they can create more profitable businesses, glorious confidence and epic success.

If you thought Tapping was a bit woo-woo or about ‘out there’ for you – check out the very grounded and down to earth way Gail explains the process and applies it with her clients to achieve real results.

Gail will be sharing her Tapping wisdom with us in a very hands-on workshop at Artful Business Conference this coming May.

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