This is a very special episode where I reveal more of my own entrepreneurial journey than ever before and share the story of how the Artful Business Community and Conference went from a crazy idea to an actual thing!

So many of us have long and winding roads to find our true calling in life and business owners often find that what they set out to create in the beginning morphs and changes a few times before they find the real THING that they were meant to do in the world.

That was certainly true for me and for many years I thought that the “failure” of those fews tries meant I was shit at business. But really it was all just part of the journey to get me to where I am today!

In this episode Shannon Bush steps up and puts me firmly in the hot seat as she plays guest host of the Artful Business Podcast and interviews me!

Find out things I didn’t even know about myself until Shannon asked the question, as well as some insight into what I’m really passionate about at the moment and what I am going to sharing from the stage at #ArtfulBizCon 2017!

If you want to grab a ticket to #artfulbizcon make sure you do so BEFORE midnight on Sunday 26th and use the coupon code #becausetwins and get 10% off your ticket price!


Elle Roberts is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP!