We are constantly encouraged to listen to our intuition, and with good reason. Our intuitive knowing is the divine conversation between us and the Universe. It is a reminder that we are always guided and supported, and that our true nature is not physical at all, but energetic.

Hi, I’m Ricci-Jane from the Lightworker Institute and I want to share with you 2 reasons your intuition is blocked. In a little video today I’m going to help you get unblocked and tap back into your own incredible intuition so that you can make the right choices in your business and life.

There is so much power in opening to our intuition. It is the ultimate life hack and as we learn to partner with the Universe in our daily life, we discover how full of ease and grace our daily reality can be.

What most people don’t know, however, is that whilst we are all intuitive, we are also all blocked in our natural capacity to hear the voice of our intuition. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. Fear.

In this short video, I talk more about how to tell the difference between our fear and our intuition, and how to get clear and connected to your natural and innate superpower: your intuition.

In this short video Ricci-Jane shares with you some easy and grounded tips on how to un-block and get back to listening to your own wise self.

Ricci-James Adams

Ricci-Jane Adams is an award winning writer, intuition expert, motivational speaker and transpersonal counsellor. She is author of the spiritual guidebook, The Yearning. She has spent over 20 years mastering how to open people to their own innate intuition so that they can live free and joyful lives.

Ricci-Jane teaches all around Australia. Her mission is connect as many people as she can get her hands on to the wisdom, the God voice, that resides inside everyone of us. We are all intuitive. And in decades of immersive learning and applied research, Ricci-Jane has created a system that powerfully connects people to their sixth sense.

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