Kylie Patchett and Elle Roberts talk about Mindset, Money and why so many Female Entrepreneurs are holding themselves back fro the success they deserve.

Kylie is a Holistic Health, Business + Mindset Coach, Inspirational Author + Speaker, and Founder of The Tall Poppy Project. After escaping her corporate cubicle in the world of biomedical science, she went to live and retrain as an integrated health and human behaviour specialist in New York City.

Her natural exuberance and dynamic personality, paried with her health, management and human behaviour expertise, combine to make her one of Australia’s leaders in true integrative women’s health.

She now shares her hand-won wisdom and straight-from-the-trenches strategies on how to create a life worth living, exel in a business that’s both supportive and nourishing, and have the vibrant health to enjoy it all.

The Artful Business School

Elle Roberts is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP!