Julie Gibbons (aka tractorgirl) wants to see businesses step up the game with their visual branding so they stand out better in the crowed online space. Seeing many an etsy store or Facebook page full of beautiful things and clearly business owners with amazing talents be overlooked because their visuals weren’t;t doing their work justice  set a fire in her belly and now she is on a mission to save us all from bad graphics and lazy branding.

Julie believes that good design is meaningful, efficient, and beautiful. She also knows beauty makes us happy, and that’s definitely worth pursuing. She’s on a mission to make the world a prettier place through good design.

She wants to share the good stuff, and to inspire creativity. She wants to inspire people to think more, to make their online presence a more mindful, beautiful thing. And she wants to show that with the right tools, knowledge and practice, everyone is capable of good design, and of sharing what they have to offer to the world in the most authentic, beautiful way possible. She truly believes that.

With a 25 year background in design coupled with selling on Etsy since 2009 and blogging since 2011, she’s worked her way up through the ranks the hard way – by making plenty of mistakes and learning about what not to do. Online shopfront design, website design, better photography, choosing the right words, creating the right mood, and more.

Hope you enjoy this episode and we would LOVE to see you at this year’s conference!

Elle Roberts is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP!