Shannon Bush is business coach who believes in combining creativity and business, she focuses on helping women discover their personal leadership style so they can build successful business without the overwhelm and exhaustion. Shannon has a singular purpose - to bring effotlessness success to women in business.

Today's show is an epic conversation between two women who really believe that creativity and business are a match made in heaven! Shannon and I talk about SO many things in this episode, from work-life integration, magnetic marketing and how to be a real leader in your own business.



Shannon is a big advocate for building a business that actually nourishes you and your family, rather than working harder and harder as your business grows. She has created a beautiful profiling system to help you better understand who you are and you uniquely work so that you can step up in your business and leverage the time and effort you put into your business so that you create a business that gives back to you.

"I didn't start my business to have a really shitty boss, and then realise it was ME!"

She has helped me understand a lot better through her profiling system and I know understand better my own strengths and weaknesses. This process for Shannon really is about personal leadership. Many of us are leaders in our business in regards to working with groups etc but the basis for this is much more focused on personal leadership to allow you to LEAD and DIRECT your business and life.

Shannon shares some gorgeous advice on how to step into that role of leadership in your own business.

Step back and ASSES exactly where you are.

Acknowledge all that you HAVE achieved, not focusing on the bits you haven't yet.

Find yourself an accountability buddy - someone who will support you and pull up when you get caught in self doubt.

"Personal Leadership is about the choices you make AND the actions you take!"

Leadership starts from the inside out and is at the core about starting with yourself and being conscious of all the amazing you are already doing.

Listen into to this episode to hear this gorgeous advice and more!

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