How well do you know your numbers? How much do you prioritise PROFIT in your business, or even paying yourself a decent wage?

So many of us put our customers, or work and our expenses first and foremost in our business and forget to create something that also serves us!

Laura Elkaslassy provides a range of services to help small business owners take control of their money stuff so they can build sustainable and successful business that see them not only doing the work they want to do in the world, but also get paid well for it!

In this Episode she shares amazing tips about money mindset, Profit First and how to start making smarter money decisions.

If your head has been totally in the sand around your business finances Laura has a few simple steps for you to start having better control and more confidence.

  1. Talk about it - book a 30 min chat with Laura or another money mentor, find a friend you can open up to (though be careful about what advice you take), or come and share your challenges in safe online communities like The Artful business Community or The Ladyboss Project Facebook group.
  2. Take an honest look at what your business is spending on a monthly basis. Bring no judgement to the process, simply go through everything and write it all down so you can be clear on what you need just to break even.
  3. Then look at what you are bring in each month and where it is coming from.

These steps might not feel awesome, in fact they might feel totally shitty, especially if you have been ignoring it for some time. But these are really powerful step to help move you out of the fear and overwhelm and start making smart decisions about your money.

Laura also shares with us some details about the AWESOME workshop she will be delivering at Artful Business Conference 2017! Her Q&A style session, which will also have representatives from Quickbooks Online helping to deliver great content, will be a no bullshit chat about all the things you need help with around your money management in your business.

If you want to grab a ticket to #artfulbizcon make sure you do so BEFORE midnight on Sunday 26th and use the coupon code #becausetwins and get 10% off your ticket price!

PS. Laura recently shaved her head for Shave For a Cure and if you want to support her amazing bravery you can still donate HERE.


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