Can you really build a strong brand using only social media marketing and word of mouth? The short answer is YES.

Dean Jones and his team at The Knit Studio have grown their business to a point where they receive 50-60 sales of their personalised blankets, each day, through their website. And the only marketing they use is social media, focusing on Intsagram and Facebook, and word of mouth.

The key as Dean sees it, is to really look after every single customer and have incredibly high standards for their quality control. Of course they also have an incredible product which their market loves.

"If a blanket isn't perfect, we simply won't send it. Instead we will re-do it."

Dean has over 30 years in the textile industries, a time which has seen big changes in Australia. Since 2008 he has been running The Knit Studio - making and seeing Australian made knit wear and blankets.

He started taking small amounts of stock to local markets, saw an opportunity to customise the blankets and since then has seen massive growth in his business.

He plans to break into the USA and Chinese markets in the coming years and is currently researching and learning to give himself the best chance of success.

This episode is a wonderful conversation, full of great business advice and wisdom.

Elle Roberts is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP!