I am lucky enough to have worked with Sylvia on and off for the past few years, she was a speaker at the Artful Business
 Â Conference in 2015 and will be again this year and I am thrilled to have her on the show.
Sylvia started her working life falling into the financial industry, she had roles in banking, trading and other aspects
 of the money world. One day however she found herself being made redundant and decided it was time for a change.
She decided it was time for more freedom and flexibility in her life and so she launched her bookkeeping business, which
 she ran for just over 3 years.
Sylvia has recently sold that business and is now focused on working with female entrepreneurs as a Money Coach. She doe
s this in the form of one-on-one coaching and through a gorgeous online program.
This episode is full of advice and encouragement to help you get your money stuff sorted in your business.
The Things we covered

Staying in touch with the work you love most
Why money blocks, money fears and money shame are such a struggle for entrepreneurs (especially women)
Why money being such a taboo topic adds to the impact of these fears and shame
Setting goals that actually mean something to YOU
What is the first step to reclaiming your knowledge and power around money?
How to look at your money story and work out what is really going on
Why your mum’s and dad’s money stories matter and how they can still be influencing you
Sylvia shares her daily money practices
How to figure out the numbers that matter to you
Money Purpose – what it means and why it matters
Co-creating with The Universe
What keeps Sylvia inspired and motivated?
There are no stupid questions.