Melanie Midegs is an Online Business Coach, Emotional Empowerment Mentor & host to Global Entrepreneur Experiences.

She has trained as a Psychosomatic Therapist and teaches the Business Chakra System to enable female entrepreneurs to find their confidence, understand business strategies and share their message to contribute to positive change in the world.

Melanie loves to travel and in between flights you will find her nestled away in a Villa by the jungle in Bali, Indonesia.

In this episode Melanie Midegs and I discuss Emotional Empowerment

  • The emotional side to running a business
  • What are the challenges that Mel is facing now that she is in her fourth year of business
  • What happens when we crash and burn in your business and how to come back

“Do activities that create the income first – it seems so simple but we often forget this.”

  • Remember to have fun in your business
  • For Mel that means catching up with friends and dancing
  • Mel shares with us the basics of her Business Charka System
  • Fear and anxiety are rooted in your Base Charka – this aligns with the basic foundations so if these feelings are coming up for you review your products, pricing and other core business elements.
  • If marketing and promotions feel sick to perhaps learning that these activities are connected to the Heart Charka – the more you make your promo come from the heart space and approach it in a way that focus on true connections the more effective and authentic it will feel.
  • Learning and understanding your own emotions and styles of dealing with them is empowering. You can then create a business plan that plays to theses strengths and the core of who you are.
  • Mel shares some of the ways she works through her own emotional stuff

Melanie Midegs’ number one piece of advice for all business owners

“Consistency is gold! Pick one thing that will be your thing and be sure that that thing happens – even when nothing else does.”

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