podcastFelicity O’Connor is a professional painter has a Masters degree in Art Therapy and is a registered psychologist who lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW.

As a painter her creative career spans over twenty five years and includes being a finalist in several large art prizes including the Gosford Regional Art Prize, the Waverley Woollahra Art Prize, the Blacktown art prize and the Hornsby art prize. In 2016 she was awarded a highly commended prize for her contemporary painting. Her abstract oil paintings have sold extensively to private buyers and designers and she exhibits regularly in Sydney.

As a therapist she has worked for over twenty years supporting people with numerous emotional and psychological hurdles and thrives with providing understanding and insight for people to grow.

Now Felicity O’Connor also runs an online business as an Artist Coach where she helps other professional artists deal with their mindset, strategies and marketing to help them build really successful careers as artists in the modern world.

In today’s Artful Business Podcast we talk about

  • Resilience
  • Fear and why fearlessness is not the goal
  • Learning to build confidence as an artist
  • Self talk and why it matters to be aware of it
  • The 10 Minute Rule
  • Routine and schedules and why that allows for creativity
  • Letting our creative endeavours just BREATHE
  • Finding inspiration internally by tapping into emotions
  • Getting in touch with your Artist Story

Felicity is also speaking at the Artful Business Conference this May. So she shares in this  episode what amazing topics she will be talking about at the event.

To round things out Felicity shares her two top business tips;

  • For the big picture stuff it is so important to know and connect with your purpose in the world.
  • For the everyday work there is so much power in schedules, routines and even to take it a little further RITUALS. Embracing these things can set you up so much better for a busy, innovative day.
  • I talk about how critical the cup of coffee and the ritual around that is for me and setting my day up right.

This was such a beautiful chat with one incredibly inspiring and creative soul. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.