In this Artful Business podcast episode Tash Corbin and I get into some really juicy stuff. We start talking about what are the biggest frustrations most women in business are facing such as cash flow and owning your value.

Tash Corbin is a business mentor for service based business women and women who are really looking to make some kind of change in the world through their business and their passion. Tash facilitates a Facebook group that now holds space for over 11,000 Heart Centred and Soul Driven female entrepreneurs, so she is pretty tapped into what is happening not just for her and her clients, but right across the industry as a whole.

Time and Money are the go to issues that women business owners struggle with so Tash and I chat about ways you can level out your cash flow and find some recurring income in your business.

We were going to stay really practical but ended up in a more beautiful place talking about how we would each show up with money was no object in our business, what it means to value your own work and to stand strong in that value. It’s goosebumpy stuff in there!

What Tash & I talk about in today’s podcast:

  • Cash Flow frustrations – the peaks and troughs and uncertainty
  • How you can build up some recurring income to help level that out
  • Get clear on how people can work with you over a long period of time
  • Staying connect and engaged in your leveraged income and why this is more powerful than passive income
  • What it means to show up and be of service
  • What would YOU do if money was no object? What would your business look like?
  • Why you NEED to stand in your value – it’s common to want to give all of yourself, under charge etc so that those less fortunate can benefit from your service but you can actually be of MORE value to more people in the world if you stay true to your own value and worth.

Tash is delivering two workshops at Artful Business Conference and she shares with us more details about what she will be talking about. Her workshops are very focused on service-based business. Her first one will talking about this whole cash flow management through leveraged income and income stacking and then the second workshop will be all around launching with heart and soul and integrity to help you take this leveraged income and making sure it is successful.

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  • Some great FREE resources Tash Offers
  • Tash’s Heart Centred, Soul Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

Elle Roberts is the founder of the Artful Business Community & Conference. Elle is a creativity coach who can help you tap into your own AWESOMENESS and find success doing the work that LIGHTS YOU UP!