Holy WOW this episode is a big one. Today I’m chatting with Jess May about the failure or thriving mindset around changing direction in business. We talk about what it means to change direction, or maybe change business all together.

Jess has recently shifted her focused from her old biz The Fire Stokers, where she was blogging and coaching women to help them build beautiful and intentional relationships – to a Business to Business, operating systems and process Consulting gig.

Big Change Of Direction

We talk about the hesitation she felt in admitting the change, even to her closest business friends. We chat about the fear, shame and overwhelming sense of failure she experienced even though the new business was booming, bringing in some much needed cash flow and the work was exciting her soul.

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below and let us know your stories, experiences and maybe hesitations around changing direction in your business.

PS – I’m super excited that Jess May will also be speaking at Artful Business Conference in less than three weeks!

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