Talking today with full time jewellery designer, blogger and teacher and creative business coach, Jess Van Den. Jess and her husband both work full time in her jewellery business Epheriell and now Jess also runs Create & Thrive, where she helps other creatives turn their hobbies into a thriving business.

Today Jess Van Den talks about

  • being overworked in your business and losing the balance
  • push vs patience in business
  • how to say No and stop doing ALL THE THINGS!
  • Showing your TRUE self rather than just showing the highlight reel
  • bringing your personality to the business and marketing – have more fun and connect more with your audience!
  • why fear is the thing holding SO many people back from launching the business they are dreaming about
  • failure is going to be part and parcel of the business – so get comfortable with it

My favourite tip from Jess Van Den in this podcast episode

If your hobby becomes your business, then you need a new hobby! Jess Van Den