Kathy Wong of Moeloco runs an incredible social enterprise. What is that you ask? It’s a business that gives back. Now many of you have a business that has high values and ethics – it sure is important to me that my business gives back to the community but with a social enterprise it is written into the business model as is a core element of how the business operates.

Kathy Wong has a degree in visual communications which she used to start three businesses in the area of design branding, marketing and publishing. Kathy is passionate about community, loves 80’s music and hates chokes. After retiring for ten years , Kathy has come out of retirement to become a social entrepreneur where she is making a difference to children in poverty.

Through Moeloco Kathy has donated almost 4,000 shoes to homeless children in India. She is working in partnership with the Hope Foundation to make sure the kids receiving the shoes are the kid who need them the most.

This is a beautiful and inspiring story – I for one had now idea what sort of impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a kids health, education and ultimately their future. Kathy and her team are changing the world and it’s exciting to share her story with you.