Tanja Gardner is a beautiful copy writer who works with passionate business owners to help them share their message by putting into words their journey and their vision. She helps her clients craft copy that enables the right clients to resonate and connect with them, which in turn leads to better conversations and a stronger brand.

Tanja said she herself became more motivated about her work when she realised the extent of the help she was providing.

I realised I could make a difference by helping other women in business put words to the difference they are trying to make in the world!

In this episode Tanja shares the key steps to writing copy that connects with your audience and converts to sales:

  1. Get to know your Ideal Client. When writing web and social media copy especially you want to write with a conversational tone. Tanja encourages you to take this even further and be sure to use the language and tone you would use, in conversation, WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. Use the words and phrases they use and refer to the problems they are having in the way that they would refer to them.
  2. Consider what you would say to your Ideal Client if you were having a cup of coffee with them at a local coffee shop, and use this as a starting point for your copy.
  3. Don't use JARGON that your ideal client won't connect with - the language that your peers will be using may not be the same as the language your clients use. If you use jargon that they don't understand they won't stick around long.
  4. Be careful not to talk down to people or over explain things either. You need to know what your clients already know about the subjects you are discussing. Your credibility will be damaged as they will instantly assume that this copy is not for them and that you are unaware of where they are at and what they need.
  5. If you use language that connects and resonates with your ideal client, but it puts other people off that's ok. Feel confident that you aren't for everyone and concentrate on your TRIBE, not on keeping everyone happy.

Tanja also shares with us some of the major challenges she has faced in her business. She admitted most have been internal - it's those pesky mind gremlins again!

I have realised that the view from the inside a business, looking out, is very different from the view outside a business, looking in!

Getting caught working 18 hour days and being on the verge of overwhelm was a big hurdle. Tanja worked with productivity coaches and has developed her own processes and systems to help her work more efficiently.

But she said the real key to getting over this major challenge was forgiving herself for not being perfect when it comes to organisation or budgets etc. Learning that done is better than perfect and deciding to run her business HER WAY was the biggest push forward for Tanja.

The other BIG lesson Tanja learnt the hard way is that running a business is MUCH harder if we try to do it alone! Connecting in with supportive communities has meant that the second attempt at building a business has not only been more successful, but more enjoyable! Tanja decided to find networks to connect into before she even launched her current business and these communities have meant the ebbs and flows in her business have been much easier to navigate.

Tanja stays inspired in her business by really connecting with the value she creates for her clients and how much her words help them take their amazing messages to the world!

Netflix and knitting are also key tools in her self-care practice! The ritual of making a pot of tea and  savouring it is a powerful practice to help ground her.

Tanja is currently reading Owl and the City of Angels as well as Sylvia Chierchia's book Money Made Beautiful.

This was such a gorgeous interview and I loved talking writing and books with Tanja - she is seriously smart and incredibly generous!

Check her out at Crystal Clarity Copywriting.

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