We all hear about content marketing and what we should be doing to build our online profile but it isn't always clear HOW! Swapna Thomas has some amazing tips to help you take the first few steps to really leverage your content!

Swapna Thomas is an Online Business and Content Marketing Consultant. She guides her clients to craft a marketing strategy that attracts dream clients and helps them own their zone of genius.

Starting her entrepreneurial journey as a mommy blogger Swapna now works with female entrepreneurs to help them hone their message and craft content that sets them apart in their industry.

Swapna helps you unlock your YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in online business.

As Seth Godin puts it;

"Content marketing is the only kinda of marketing left"

Content Marketing helps you build the Know, Like and Trust factor with your potential clients and allows you to deliver great value to your community while spreading your message further and wider.

Often a big part of your marketing challenge is educating your audience, perhaps around why your product is different, what the features really mean to the consumer and sometimes to help them get to the stage to be ready for your offering. Content marketing allows you to do just that without being pushy and salesy along the way.

That is not to say SALES aren't an important part of content marketing and it's true value to your business. Swapna is particularly passionate about helping her clients craft content that not only connects with the right people, but which also CONVERTS!

"It is important to ensure you are not just generating traffic but also that you are getting conversion rates"

In this episode Swapna shares some great tips on how to up level your content marketing.

Content doesn't just mean text anymore

There are so many ways, medias and platforms in which you can produce content these days. Which means you can find the media that is right for you and your strengths. Building your content marketing doesn't;t just mean writing blog posts! Now you can be podcasting, video blogging, live streaming and more - you choose!

Repurpose Reuse and Recycle

Just because you publish content on a podcast, doesn't mean you can't also turn it into a blog post. Publish on one medium but find ways to spread that message on other platforms. There are way you can outsource and/or automate this process too saving you time and energy.

Promote Your Content

Too many businesses work tirelessly to publish more and more content yet it nearly sees the light of day because they forget to share it and share it again. Take the time to share and promote your content because this is really where it becomes useful in building your profile and your brand.

Get off the Content Treadmill

Don't panic about turning out loads and loads of content, instead focus on creating really specific and manful pieces of content that actually add something to your brand message. Your content should be informative and help your audience learn and take actions for themselves.

Know Your Cornerstone Topics

Figure out what you stand for in your business and how you can give the very best value! Then work out three to five key categories which you would like to be recognised as an expert in. These can have sub-categories but keep the core focus to only three to five topics and hone in one these in your content marketing.

Batch Content Creation

Create a content plan and then the hard bit is STICKING TO IT! Batching can be a huge help. You should group LIKE THINGS together. Multitasking is really a very unproductive way of doing things. So don't just batch creating.

Batch your researching - have a few topics in mind and resreach them all in the same day. Then Free Write and get a number of posts writing (or videos recorded) but just get it out, don't worry about editing. Then batch the editing.

Work On Your Mindset Blocks

Many of fall over on our content plan because of fear, perfectionism or worrying that no one will read it. Don't ignore these feelings - be aware of them and put in the work you need to move through these!

Swapna big tips for Mindset work

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Tapping

"Even if no-one comments or likes my post, I deeply and completely love myself!

  • Affirmations

"Everyday, in ever way, I am getting better and better!"

  • Having Cheerleaders

Having friends and colleagues who will cheer you on, rally around you and motivate you to keep going when it gets tough or lonely.

Her golden nugget  BIZ TIP

Find your tribe! Don't let anyone dictate to your how, what and where except for your ideal audience. Wacky, boring, different - do what your tribe needs and what they are going to resonate with - don't worry about the RULES or what other people are doing.

Focus on your people and JUST DO IT!

If you want to get more of Swapna's wisdom check out her 5 day Slay With Content Challenge.

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