Renee Hasseldine is a creative entrepreneur determined to help you make a profitable and sustainable living, while sharing your true passion with the world. She is all about empowering people to love what they do and do what they love. Her enthusiasm for a purpose-driven life and her gorgeous laugh are equally infectious

In our interview we talk about so many gorgeous things, from passion to storytelling, work life balance vs work life blend and how to help you stay really connected with your WHY and work from an authentic place in your business.

Some of things we talked about around staying connected to the core passion behind your business include:

  • Making sure you are moving TOWARDS something you want and not just running from something you don't.
  • Check in regularly with your why, life situation and the important people in your life to.
  • Do the work on yourself that you business requires! There is a lot of personal development that needs to happen when you are in business for your self and if you have limiting beliefs and fears that you aren't working on - they will hold you back.
  • Find ways to NOT get distracted by bright shiny ideas - if you have a new idea that is really going to pull you AWAY from your core work, write it in a book, buy the domain name etc but then let it go for now and get back to the important work.

Renée Hasseldine is a serial entrepreneur, a best-selling author and one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. She excels at extracting and unravelling the expertise and brilliance in your mind and your business and packaging it into leveraged income products. Whether it is an online course, a workshop or perhaps a webinar or retreat.

Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into neat, inspired content is sheer genius. We talk about her process around this today and I LOVE that it involves lots of post-it-notes!

We then dive into Renee's 7 Ways to Create Leverage in Business:

  1. Package Results not Time
  2. Create Leveraged Products
  3. Eliminate Repetition
  4. Collaborate with Experts
  5. Repurposing
  6. Systemising & Batching
  7. Delegate - if you don't love it OUTSOURCE IT
To connect with Renee and find out more about her work you can connect with you via FACEBOOK, jump into her FACEBOOK GROUP, connect via TWITTER or head over to her WEBSITE.


If you want to download her checklist for Leveraged Income CLICK HERE.



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