Catriona-Pollard-From-Unknown-to-Expert_miniCatriona Pollard is an author, an entrepreneur and artist in her own right. She has been running CP Communications, a successful PR company for over 14 years. In this episode Catriona shares her story including the part about her borrowing a friends slow and old computer to launch her business and personal branding and story telling matters in business.

We discussed personal branding and why Catriona decided to step into her own spotlight five years ago. She made a clear decision to make her own name known as well as working hard to do that for her clients.

Catriona talked about the dangers of comparison and how spending time looking enviously at what your competition is doing doesn’t help anyone. It only creates a space where you play small and miss opportunities for yourself.

We chatted about the things in her business that Catriona is most proud. She talked about hanging in when times where really tough and seeing it through. She shares some advice that has helped her do that.

Catriona talked about the gift she gives her clients and how empowering it can be to teach people the tools they need to come into their own and why she gets such a buzz doing the work she does.

Being really clear on her why has been a driving motivation that has helped her get through the early days when things where tough.

Even though Catriona has been running her business for such a long time and has a lot of things down pat, she still faces struggles of her own. For her, despite having a team to work with, she finds stepping away from the business difficult and is looking for ways to make that easier.

I asked Catriona where she finds her inspiration and she instantly talked about her creative pursuits and finding time to make stuff.

I am an artist as well and what I do is really grounding and earthy. Nurturing my creativity is so important.

Catriona also shared some great tips from her book, Unknown to Expert, on how to make a name for yourself and build trust around your business.

  1. Step into the spotlight – stop saying you are not an expert and start owning your own power.
  2. Think about what your personal brand is and what you want to be known for. Check out Catriona’s free Personal Branding Worksheet.
  3. Work on writing a killer bio, get comfortable talking about yourself and the work that you do.
  4. Create an online presence for yourself, aside from business, think about starting a personal blog or website.
  5. Use the media – they are always looking for stories so learn how to give them material they can use.

Catriona and I both believe in the power of story telling and in this episode Catriona’s shares a bit about why it matters in your business.

Story telling gets people excited about your business and help them feel invested in your journey. It builds trust and helps people to relate to you and your story.

Story-telling is so critical now, every time you post a tweet we are building on the story around our brand.

When you start telling your stories you are helping people to do business with you and build a relationship with you.

Beyond all of the amazing advice Catriona shares about building a brand for yourself, she also has some overall business advice for you all.

If you want something, go out there, make it happen!

This episode is full of advice, information and more. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I loved recording it.


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