Kelly-Exeter-Artful-Business-PodcastIf anyone knows about the need for clear boundaries in business and life, it’s Kelly Exeter. After a near breakdown due to being over worked and over committed, Kelly knew there must be a better way to play the entrepreneur game.

Kelly and her husband, Ant, own Swish Design, a graphic design company that now has five full time staff as well part time staff and contractors. Kelly has stepped away from her role in their business to take on a part time postition as Editor at Flying Solo.

This has allowed her to set better boundaries around work, family and making time to be creative and be free to expand her skills.

This episode see Kelly sharing her story, her struggle with burn out and how her and her family have found a way to make it work for now.

“We all need white space in which to breathe, because that is where our best work is going to come out of.”