Katie Wyatt is back for another fun and informative #LadyBoss Chats episode!!

It’s a slightly longer episode because we had so much fun riffing together on our own business journeys and in today’s episode we are both talking about how to find support, a tribe of people to hold you up when things get hard and what different forms of support might look like. This is such a great episode and topic that both Katie and I passionate about!

Things we talked about:

  • What does finding the right support mean to us?
  • How did we find the right groups and support crews?
  • What were the fears around leaning in and finding that support?
  • How do you manage it if you find the WRONG crew?
  • Paid support VS Free support
  • Creating your own crew – building a mastermind group
  • Structuring your mastermind group
  • Is there a natural end for particular support crews/mastermind groups etc
  • Facilitating a Facebook Group and how that has given up our own support networks
  • Facilitating our own Paid Mastermind Groups

We finished up the episode with our regular #LadyBoss segment “What Went Viral”

What Went Viral

Katie and I talk about this weird cool thing we are noticing lately which I like to call a Social Consciousness. We are all so connected with each other now and sometimes that seems to means we all have similar ideas, thoughts, feelings and energy patterns at the same time. We discuss the good and bad of this thing – what ever it is.

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