We put our heart and soul into our businesses but we often forget to check in with the basics, when did you last review your customer's experience, your communication process or the quality of the delivery of your work.  Ale Wiecek is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs build profitable and meaningful customer centric strategies and process that will improve their engagement and drive sales.

A strong, positive Customer Experience is your best form of marketing.

Ale Wiecek (pronounced Ally Whycheck), is the proud founder of Sqr One, a Brisbane based Customer Experience consultancy. Helping small businesses and brands think big, and large businesses and brands think small lights her up. She believes the key to successful business is taking care of your customers.

Really Know Your Customer

Often the conversations around getting to know your customer and better understanding them is rooted in sales and marketing. How to write the best copy, what pain points can you highlight so they buy your stuff.

Ale wants small businesses to realise the importance of knowing and understanding your customer on a deeper level than that and not just so you can effectively sell to them. but so you can develop and deliver the best customer journey possible.

She encourages you to take the time to reflect on what products or services you are offering, how does that meet the needs for your customer and how effectively are you packaging it and delivering it - all with your specific customer and their unique circumstances in mind.

TOUCH POINTS - Touch points are any moment that connects your business to your customer - it could be a phone call, an email, your website etc.

Ale helps businesses owners take a critical look at each of these moments and find ways to improve them so you are better connecting and engaging your customers. This builds strong relationships and creates a more personalised experience for each customer. This in turn creates loyal and raving fans of your brand, which in turn brings in more profit to your business.

Take the Focus off Marketing

Marketing can be such an anxiety raiser for many businesses owners. We are all inundated with a million and one SHOULDS about how to market our business better, get more clients and therefore make more money. Ale and I agree wholeheartedly that you needs to shift the focus from your sales and promotions all the time and concentrate instead on your exisiting customers.

Make sure you are providing them with the best service possible, surprise and delight them along the way, do what you can to make their customer journey experience with your brand as memorable (for positive reasons) as you possibly can.

That doesn't mean you have to over deliver on your promise to them. It might be as simple and an un-promoted email to ash if they are satisfied, or a follow up phone to check if they had any questions about your product.

How do you Start Customer Journey Mapping in Your Business

1. Get to know your Customer Personas

Don't just create a target market, or think about the rough demographics of your customers, instead create a defined profile for each persona. Give them a name and fill out the details of who they are, what their life is like, what their joys and struggles are as well as what they read and where they go out to eat.

2. Define Your Top 4 Business Goals

What do you really want to achieve in the next 90 - 120 days. These could be just business related or have to do with both business and life. Clearly defining your goals will help you determined WHO your customers should be and what offerings you can best provide them with.

3. Validate Your Customers Needs & Desires

Make sure once you have crafted personas for your ideal customers, that you ASK questions, talk to exisiting clients and people who fit the profile you have created to make sure you haven't made untrue assumptions about their needs, wants, desires or how they hope to fills those voids.

Ask lots of questions and check in with the info you came up with.

4 Re-do the Process Regularly

Customers change, their needs change, the ways and means by which you can serve those needs also change. This is not a process that you can do once and tick it off the list. You need to make time, perhaps each quarter to check in with your profiles and re-evaluate your customer journey experience.

Constant tweaking and improving is the key to sustainable success.

Ale Wiecek has worked in Marketing and Digital Communications around the world, including her home country, Venezuela, London and Australia. She has worked for brands like Microsoft, Bayer, Siemens and OPSM. As a mum of two young children, Ollie and Zoe and a wife to her lovely husband, Mike, she now prefers the flexibility of being her own boss.

She is passionate about transforming good customers into great customers and great customers into raving fans, and helping you build lasting and profitable relationships with your customers - because a world without deep connections, is not worth living.

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