Weather you a product based business or a service business, finding beautiful, eye-catching, scroll stopping images is one of the key activities to help you make your time and energy spent advertising your business worth while. But we are not all born naturals when it comes to taking photos and creating great images.

In our very first MINISODE I talk to Karyn Sealby of KBS Styling to get you some helpful tips.

We heard Karyn's story on the podcast a few weeks ago but today she is back with a minisode just to share a few styling tips with you to help you take better photos of you.

Check out more of her great styling tips on her blog.

See her AMAZING photos on her INSTAGRAM! And if you haven't listened to my full episode with Karyn be sure check that out.

Karyn also shares some amazing overall business advice, so take ten min out of your day and check this one out!

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