Aerlie WildyAerlie Wildy is a business and life coach who is passionate about helping women in business work sustainably #nomoreburnout.

She is on a mission is to improve the WAY you work. And she helps her clients do this through a variety of ways such as; time management, productivity, life coaching & mindset, and developing practical systems that suit your life and business.

In this podcast, Aerlie Wildy talks about

  • Productivity and finding smarter ways to get through your work day
  • Discovering the way to work and learn that best suits you
  • Believing you are doing the best you can each and ever day
  • Consciously reviewing and planning your day
  • Improving the way you work

“People are suffering when they are overwhelmed, not just their work but their health, their relationships, their families and their clients”

“I want my clients to simply be as happy as possible”

Aerlie shares her SUPER CHARGED To-Do List tip

  • Make a TO DO List, not a Wish List
  • Use Verbs
  • Prioritise
  • Estimate the time each task will take
  • Schedule them in your day

This Artful Business episode was loads of fun and full of helpful hints to help you get more done in your day.

Important Links from the Podcast

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