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Why And How To Loose Your #Shymarketing Habits

Let's talk about what is #shymarketing, why you're doing it and most importantly how to loose your #shymarketing habits for good! #shymarketing is hurting your business, impacting your profitability and doing a disservice to the world in general. At our mastermind day...

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5 tips for building a powerful personal brand

It doesn't matter if you are a consultant or coach, an artist, maker or designers, you have a personal brand and you need to be smart about how you make it work for you and your business. Building a powerful personal brand can be a huge leap forward for your business...

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9 Hacks to Improve Your Etsy Shop SEO

Etsy Shop SEO. It is one of those things everyone talks about, but no one ever tells you exactly how to do it. So let’s talk about it today. Why? Because most people think Google when they hear SEO, but optimizing your store for ETSY is just as important. And because...

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AB50 Maternity Leave, Self Doubt & Mindset

Today I'm just riffing and sharing with you all the things that have been happening here over the last few months. I also let you know where we are going next and what is happening in 2018 instead of our annual conference! Take a listen and be sure to let...

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Pricing Your Products for Wholesale

Let's talk specifically about pricing for wholesale and why it is SO important to get these numbers right if you want to land wholesale accounts with retailers.   How do you currently work out your prices? Are you currently working on something like this; Materials +...

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ABP 37: Customer Journey Mapping with Ale Wiecek

We put our heart and soul into our businesses but we often forget to check in with the basics, when did you last review your customer's experience, your communication process or the quality of the delivery of your work.  Ale Wiecek is on a mission to help female...

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