Growing your business is often more than marketing a product. It's about selling yourself as an expert, as an authority in your field and as someone with influence in your industry. Katie is helping business women discover their unique message and share that with the world in bigger and better ways.

One of the key ways Katie loves to do this is through the platform of PODCASTING.

In today's episode we talk about what it means to grow your influence, why and how you should do it and what role can podcasting play for you and your business.

Katie is not just building a business – but is building an empire! She is helping others to build theirs too.

Katie is a brilliant business strategist who helps ladies on a mission build Empires that align beautifully and naturally with who they are and the best of what they have to offer. Katie is an inspiring blend of intelligence, strategy, wit and charm, she is my business bestie and in this episode you will see why! She is wicked smart and equally fun to hang out with.

She has grown her authority, influence and online presence rapidly using the podcasting platform. After launching her first successful podcast – Empire by Design (previously The Wellness Entrepreneur) – more than 2 years ago, Katie has made a name for herself in the podcasting world.

At Artful 2017 she shares her Empire Building tips to help you grow your influence and build your brand beyond your network of friends. In her workshop she will be teaching you how to ROCK podcasting – either as a host or a guest so you can build your authority and your empire by engaging with all this amazing platform has to offer.

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