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Artful Business

Never underestimate the level of courage it takes to be true to yourself. Lisa Fitzpatrick of Sacred Women's Business could have chatted with me for hours because we had a brilliant conversation about all things biz, life, creative leadership, solo parenting, reforming our perfectionism and loving our fierce...

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Today we meet 2016 Artful Business Conference speaker and emotional empowerment coach, Melanie Midegs. Melanie teaches others about how emotions and feelings affect the success of your business. As much as we might wish they were totally unrelated I think you would have to admit how you...

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Today I chatted with Dominique Oyston. Dominique works with coaches, authors, speakers, healers, writers and entrepreneurs to transform their communication and confidence. When working with Dominique, her clients experience a personal power evolution through giving voice to their core gifts. Dominique trained as an actress and opera...

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