Conference Program - Artful Business Community
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Conference Program

The next Artful Business Conference is happening May 27 & 29 in 2017. Program details for that event will be released closer to the date. Tickets for the 2017 event are available now or you can get access to the 2016 conference recordings right now with a virtual pass.

Download the Full Event Program Here

DAY 1 – Saturday 28th May 2016

7:30 am – VIP Breakfast with Tash Corbin

9:00 am – Elle Roberts :: It takes a village to raise a business

Community Cultivation & Tribe Building are buzz phrases but what do they mean? How do you find or create the right communities to support you & your business? Does being a part of different communities really help your bottom line? Elle is passionate about connecting & facilitating tribes & has built a tribe community around her business and brand. She will share with you the power of people as well as the practical steps so you can build a thriving tribe that serves your business.

10:00 am – Morning Tea

10:30 am – Sponsor Spotlight

10:45 am – Felicity O’Connor :: This Creative Life – Creativity, Fear & Inspiration

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” – Erich Fromm.
Creativity does not concern itself with gain or loss, it is us that do that to our creativity. No one who follows the creative path is guaranteed prosperity or even security. It’s a path that requires commitment & courage. As creative people in creative businesses we face fears, doubts & numerous rejections. Felicity will share the keys to learning how to embrace & manage what emerges in our inner life while we find inspiration & make the outer adjustments we need to create success.

11:30 am – Melanie Midegs :: Emotional Empowerment in Business

There is no separation between you & your business. How you are feeling emotionally behind the scenes will be a direct reflection of what is happening in your business. In August 2014 Melanie sold everything, packed her bags & left for Bali, with the intention of creating an online business. It sounds glamorous but it turned out to be a far more profound decision than she expected. Becoming an Entrepreneur is about much more than business, it’s learning to live again, your way & being able to navigate through the emotional states that are holding your true potential & success back.

12:15 pm – Katie Wyatt :: The Power of Consistency

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet of success in business & Katie is going to show you how consistency has the power to be just that. Forget your guilt at missed blog posts, stale social media feeds & your neglected email subscribers. Katie wants to bring the sexy back to consistency & help you rediscover the joy & creativity in showing up and consistently offering value to your tribe.

1:00 pm – Lunch

1:45 am – Sponsor Spotlight

2:00 pm – Jess May :: The Many Faces of Creativity

Being a creative is something so many entrepreneurs resonate with, and when we feel like we fit the bill we wear the badge with pride. We call ourselves Creatives, list creative in our personality traits and create our products and services. But what if you’re struggling to find how what you do fits into that buzz word bracket? Jess shares her experience of ending a typically “creative” business to step into something completely different.

2:45 pm – Sylvia Chierchia :: Money Made Beautiful

Why do women tolerate not having enough? Why do women tie up their self worth in their business so that their net worth suffers? Sylvia will be sharing how money can be a BEAUTIFUL tool that you can use to create your dream life, but first you need to step up and step into who you need to be and how you need to think in order to achieve that dream business and dream life. The path isn’t always easy, but your dreams and desires are so worth it!

3:30 pm – Emma Veiga-Malta :: How to Niche Your Creative Skills in a Business Context

You have skills you know you can apply to lots of business scenarios. You could help so many people with your creative skills. But by offering everything to everybody we serve nobody. We all know this, but what does that actually mean & how do you apply that to your own business? Do you still feel confused at how creative skills could possibly be of use? You love what you do but you’re not sure how to make money from it? Emma will help you discover how to identify your No1 creative skill, how to niche that into a product or service that is useful & valuable to others, think outside of the box to create new products or services & learn how she did all this in her own business.

4:15 pm – Afternoon Tea

4:35 pm – Lisa Fitzpatrick :: Healing the Heart of Your Business

We often hear that once you follow your soul purpose things will magically align themselves & abundance will flow. In the reality of a busy world, creating a successful business around your calling takes serious passion balanced with commitment and pragmatic biz smarts. This can be overwhelming for heart-centred & creative women. If you’ve been experiencing overwhelm, burn out or adrenal fatigue in your business, it’s time to do some healing on the heart of your business. Lisa will share the ultimate sustainable success secrets for creating a business that supports, nourishes & adores you.

5:15 pm – Day One Close

6:30 pm – Unofficial Social Event

DAY 2 – Sunday 29th May 2016

7:30 am – Coffee and Chat

8:30 am – Elle Roberts :: Day Two Open

9:00 am – Workshops Session 1

Room 1- Lisa Fitzpatrick :: The Embodied Feminine Leader

Have you ever wondered what makes some people effortlessly & consistently attract extraordinary opportunities, while others miss out? Have you ever seen someone who has a message similar to your own, skyrocket their business & wondered what set them apart from the masses? Maybe you know someone who exudes charisma & presence and wondered how they do it? The great news is that charisma and presence can be learnt. Becoming a magnet for extraordinary opportunities is totally within your reach. Lisa is going to show you how.

Room 2 – Katie Wyatt :: Perfect Pitch – Grow Your Brand and Visibility

Growing the visibility of your brand & message is a critical part to growing your business. The ability to pitch effectively to platforms such as podcasts, journalists, bloggers, events & other brands is an essential ninja art in online entrepreneurship yet so many people approach it without strategy or success. Learn how to perfect your pitch from someone who receives perfect – & imperfect – pitches & who has successfully pitched podcasts, events & conferences.

Room 3 – Jess May :: Beautiful Business Systems

Feeling overwhelmed with the admin tasks and lacking clarity around your business systems? Jess will walk you through the process of creating Beautiful Business Systems to streamline what you do and how you do it. Take back more time for the work that makes you money and create a memorable, rave-worthy customer experience from start to finish.

9:40 am – Morning Tea

10:10 am – Workshops Session 2

Room 1 – Tash Corbin :: Create Passive & Leveraged Income in your Business

Specifically for service-based businesses, this workshop will see Tash sharing her strategies & advice for developing passive & leveraged income. You will learn the key stages of business development, when to incorporate passive & leveraged income streams & the types of products suitable for different stages of business. Tash will also walk you through strategies to create your first or next product, without derailing your current business growth & how to prepare you, your business and your product ready for a succesful launch

Room 2 – Felicity O’Connor :: Your Artist’s Story

Discover how your artist’s story has shaped your creative journey through the twists and turns of opportunity, choices & experiences. Felicity will teach you how your journey & your story can build your connection to your audience and improve your success. You will have the opportunity to do some hands on art-making in the workshop as part of exploring your personal story.

Room 3 – Melanie Midegs :: Ignite Your Business Chakras to Activate Success

The Business Chakra System is an awesome framework to direct your focus to concentrate on the correct business priority FIRST. It’s so common in times of panic, frustration or overwhelm for business owners to jump into what they ‘think’ is the right solution, when in actual fact it’s usually something else that needs your attention.

In this workshop you will learn how to connect the dots from your body and emotions to the practical aspects of your business. Learn how your emotions will tell you what element of your business you need to look at: Foundations, Branding, Product, Promotion, Communication, Leadership or Vision. You will walk away from this workshop feeling confident and knowing how to clearly define the elements of your business and know what you need to focus on first to create success.

11:20 am – Workshops Session 3

Room 1 – Sylvia Chierchia :: Profit First

It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you take! The Profit First system is all about giving you the ability to make money no matter what size your business or what the revenue. You start to pay yourself regularly. You set money aside for taxes. And you get to take your profit – FIRST. Sylvia will be taking about how to put Profit First into action, how and when to allocate your money into your “small plates” and how to finally get out of the business survival trap!

Room 2 – Tash Corbin :: Launching Your Online Program

This practical workshop, facilitated by Tash Corbin, will help you create your own strategies and specific plan to launch your next online course or program. Using Tash’s proven Launch with Heart process, you will design a gorgeous launch plan that will set you up for a gorgeous, successful launch.

Bring along your planner and calendar, so you can set up specific dates for your launch activities. It’s going to be super-practical!

Room 3 – Emma Veiga-Malta :: Create a Visual Mood Board For Your Biz

This hands-on workshop will help you delve into the visual message you want your business to convey. How do you want people to FEEL about your product or service? How do you see your business in terms of colour, words and pictures? If you could create a moodboard that reflected your brand values, your mission and the feel of your business, what would it look like? What are your brand values, your mission and feel of your business?

This fun exercise will help you understand your business better. And it will set the visual foundations for every part of your business; from your website, to your social media posts, to your videos and newsletters. You will come away with a mood-board that you can show your web developer, your graphics person and your team. And crucially, it is for you to be inspired by the true vibe of your business.

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Workshops Session 4

Room 1 – Katie Wyatt :: Grow Your Business in 90 Days

Planning that doesn’t gather dust in the bottom drawer needs to be realistic, actionable and relevant. The most effective way to achieve this with YOUR business plan is in 90 day cycles. Together we will plan your next 90 days in a way that will leave you confident and empowered that you will have your best 90 days in business ever.

Room 2 – Dominique Oyston :: Confident Voice, Confident Business

Lack of confidence is the most common reason for not moving ahead with actions that are crucial to success in business. In this workshop you’ll discover the 5 key areas of Business Communication in which you MUST activate a compelling vocal presence. You will also learn the 7-step system to build and anchor superior confidence and embody the full Feminine Power of your Voice. Your voice is the interface between your thoughts, feelings and ideas and the actions you need to take.  Vocal authority opens big doors and is a golden ticket to trusting your authentic self. Learn the No.1 secret for women to speak with clarity and ease, how to align your voice with your brand and how confident speaking can monetize your biz effectively.

Room 3 – Elle Roberts :: Maker’s Masterclass

This is an interactive, Q and A style masterclass specifically for the Maker’s, Artist’s and Product based business owners. We will discuss marketing, pricing, social media and Elle will help you answer the questions you have that are specific to YOUR business. Bring along some note paper and your list of questions and let’s dive DEEP and help you build your beautiful Maker’s Biz.

2:40 pm – Sponsor Spotlight

2:55 pm – Something a bit FUN and SPECIAL

3:30 pm – Elle Roberts :: Event Close

4:00 pm – Afternoon Tea

6:30 pm – Unofficial Social Event

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