Kym-seletto-artful-business-podcastKym is currently studying Heath and Wellness Coaching, through the International Collage of Wellness Coaches. She has already started started working with clients through her self named business – Kym Seletto. Her focus is working with women who have been through a hard break up, helping them to re-discover How To Life and plotting a way to becoming freaking unstoppable and rocking at life.

Kym is also a full time nanny and has been running The Nanny Named Kym since 2012.

As if that isn’t enough Kym and her partner have recently launched The Kitteh Palace Creative Workshop where they teach small groups of people different creative workshops and classes. Kym launched this business with her partner late last year.

In this episode Kym and I talk about what inspires her and motivates her in her business and what her biggest struggles are.

One of the cool things she talks about is the steps she has been taking, and the things coming up for her in launching her new business. The ebook she mentions in the podcast is now available for download.

Kym’s main lessons for running a successful business;

  • Find a community that supports you,
  • Keep on top of your admin & invoicing
  • Be YOU – as clique as it sounds it is hard to do but so, so important

If you are about launch a new business, or if you about to head down a new path in your current business Kym’s hot tip for you is this;

It probably isn’t as hard as you think it is, so dip your tow in the water, put it out there and see what happens.