sonia-lyne-artful-business-conferenceSonia has been running her beautiful business Dandelyne for over three years. Starting her career as a teacher Sonia has been on an interesting journey that included pattern making, magazine stylist and a buyer for Just Jeans and Jay Jays.

Always knowing she was creative and her work would need to be too she was happy to keep searching until she found her thing.

The first embroidered portrait was one she made for her own little family, then friends loved it so much she did a few more and the rest of the story is as they history. From there she started making her own (with incredible help from her hubby) designed and produced mini embroidery hoops which know makes up the core of her business.

Sonia’s biggest challenge when it comes to managing her business is the juggle of fitting that in with three kids and hubby to care for. She works mostly at night when the kids sleep and is working on ways to make that more sustainable for herself and her family.

It’s not a huge income and it is a hard juggle – but I know at the bottom of my heart no, no way. I can’t actually imagine doing anything else now.

Managing the administration and finding a balance between getting the business stuff done and finding time for her creative work is another struggle Sonia faces. She has put some boundaries in place this year to help her make sure she doesn’t lose focus on the work that matters.

 I am a bit of s yes girl . . . settling into that idea of saying “No” has been so good for me.

When I asked Sonia how she holds onto her passion and enthusiasm, especially in the tough times she knew exactly what it was. The simple act of taking time out to spend with her family, to nurture them and to nurture herself allows Sonia to rediscover her creative self.

The other wisdom she has has started to become a theme through most of our episodes is to stay true to her why. If she keeps coming back to her purpose she reminded that the hard work is all so worth it.

Sonia’s number one piece of advice is to;

Work out your WHY, really hone in on it and try to put it in one simple sentence

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