jodi-york-artful-business-podcast-ep6This week I spoke with Jodie York of Polka Dot Creative. Jodie started Polka Dot Creative around three years ago as a retailer for scrapbooking supplies, but over time her business has morphed and changed. Jodie focuses now on creating and selling her stunning brush script art works.


Jodie admits her biggest challenge running her business is PROCRASTINATION – a common personality trait among creative types. She says she mostly deals with it by giving herself a good internal pep-talk and reminding herself that by giving herself the time to work on projects, rather than rushing at deadlines, not only allows her to produce better work but also gives her the space to enjoy the creative process.


Here are some samples of her work, included the tattoo she scripted for me and I had tattooed to my foot.


When asked what she loves most about being her own boss the answer came easily.

The flexibilty, because I do have four children and being able to not miss anything in their school careers and to have weekends to spend together, that’s the main goal for me

Instagram and Pinterest are two huge sources inspiration for Jodie. She also shared how much she draws on getting outside, going for a run and doing yoga – it clears the mind and let’s you start again. Then she talked about the wonder of simply being aware of what is going on around you and taking in the good stuff you can find in everyday life.

There is inspiration all around, if you’re just open to it

Jodie and I talked about finding balance and drawing a line between work and life, or not as the case may be. We both decided that there doesn’t need to be a defined line and for us the two are so intertwined and blended together that it simply wouldn’t be possible. Jodie’s wisdom on the subject is simple but important;

As long as what you’re doing works for you, go for it”

Lastly I asked Jodie what advice she has to offer other creative and artful business owners, and she has a few pearlers.

Firstly Jodie talk about the importance of self confidence and keeping the negative thoughts at bay, so that you stay the course and believe in your idea and see it through.

Secondly Jodie shared a simply piece of advice someone told her when she first started and which has guided many of the decisions she has made throughout her business journey, and that is.

Be nice in business!

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