episode-9---keri-norleyThis is a seriously fun episode where I chat about all things business, money, abundance and Feng Shui with Keri Norley – The Business Magician.

Keri marries up the “woo-woo” of Feng Shui, numerology and colours with the partialities of running a business, developing quality products and formulating a marketing strategy.

She has some seriously cool tips for you in this episode!

You can listen to this episode right here, catch it on iTunes or Sound Cloud or if you would rather see our faces why not watch the video version below.

Kerry has been coaching for about ten years, originally in the health and wellness space. She learnt about how business and Feng Shui can go together when they had an expert come in and help them Feng Shui their home in order to help her husbands business grow.

She admits she doesn’t know how it all works, but she knows that it does. Time and time again.

I still know that if I move this here I’m going to get a new result – but I have no idea how the bit in between works

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Show Notes

In this episode Kerry shares her story, how she went from massage therapy to coaching people on how to bring Feng Shui, Numerology and Colour Theory into your business to help you take things to a new level.

It was the birth of her second child that cause her change direction and get focus around what work she wanted to in the world.

Keri find the tech side of running an online business is one of her biggest challenges. She also struggles with finding enough time, but she is finding ways to be ok with that and surrounding to the limits that time places on what work gets done.

The less pressure that I put on myself, the easier it is to just let go of that.

We talk about letting go of the pressure and allowing yourself space to breathe and forgive yourself if you don’t get it all done in the time frame you set for yourself.

Keri says the highlight of working for herself is connecting with people. She loves it when someones sees her work, reads her blog or hears her on a podcast and then take action for themselves.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I wake up in the morning

Working with clients to help them take steps to achieve their own dreams, making a real difference in their lives and help them step and take responsibility in their lives is the work that makes Keri really shine.

The more people I help reach their dreams, the less anger, the less hatred and the less war we have. If i can have even just a little ripple effect on that, then I have done what I can.

Keri shares two great tips. One was a numerology tip and advice as to why you should be wary of the number 7 in your business and pricing. She also shares a great Feng Shui tip and explains what your pantry has to do with your business.

It is a fun episode with tips, a great story and lots of great giggles! Thanks for listening.