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Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Artful Business Podcast.

I genuinely believe that each and everyone of us, no matter where we are on the business journey has something to learn and something to teach!

This podcast is about sharing the stories of creative business owners in various industries and at a variety of business levels.

From the kitchen table businesses to the 6-figure businesses we want to hear your story and share it with our audience.

Please jot down some notes so I can what it is you will share wiht our audience. Make sure you understand the vibe and feel like you a clear fit by listening to a few episodes before you submit your pitch.

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Tell me about your business now and the work you do.

Can you tell me about the journey you've taken to get where you are now?

What moves you most about the work you do?

What advice do you wish to share/topic do you wish to discuss and why is it relevant for the Artful Audiance?

Share links to any interviews or guests post you have done, particularly on the topic you wish to share with the Artful Audience.