Never underestimate the level of courage it takes to be true to yourself. Lisa Fitzpatrick of Sacred Women’s Business could have chatted with me for hours because we had a brilliant conversation about all things biz, life, creative leadership, solo parenting, reforming our perfectionism and loving our fierce warrior soccer sons.

Today on the Podcast we talk about

  • Sustainability in Business and making sure you’re business looks after you as much as you look after it
  • Overwhelm and burnout and why lady’s are so prone to working themselves into the ground
  • Book writing – what does it really take to get a book written?
  • Resistance and fear and how to know when to push through it.
  • Being a single parent and living your own life without worrying about what other people are up to, or even what you had planned for yourself.

It’s a gorgeous, juicy chat that had me almost crying and fired up when I talked about how I decided to keep going with Artful Business Conference.

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