Are you working from home? Do you know what small business legals you need in place? Do you have a clear and concise Client Agreement? Do your clients know what to expect from working with you?

Shalini Nandan-Singh, an experienced lawyer and owner of Legally Shalini, shares with us today the answer to these questions.

Many micro and small business owners choose to reduce overheads by using their home as their place of business. I know I also work from home because of the ease and flexibility that comes along with that.

But what small business legals do you need to have in place when you are choosing to work from home?

Do you need a formal client agreement? Do you need something different if you are only meeting with your clients online?

If you don't have these formal agreements in place, have you thought about your terms and conditions? How do you clients and even your potential clients know what to expect from working with you and how are you ensuring that you meet these expectations?

Check out this 8 min video where Shalini answers these questions for you.

NB: This video was orginally shared as a Facebook Live on Shalini's own Facebook page and has also been published on her blog but she has kindly given us permission to share it here with you.

If you want help understanding your own legal requirements, writing client agreements or making sure you are covering yourself and protecting your clients you can find Shalini online via her website or Facebook Page.

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Shalini Nandan-Singh

Shalini is a legal coach and lawyer. She has always loved the law and yearned to work differently from traditional legal practice.
Now, in coaching and mentoring women in business from start up to whenever, Shalini helps her tribe by using life skills gained from her “other” life as an entrepreneur in two countries, cohabiting in 2 distinct cultures, and lawyering in two jurisdictions.
Shalini is also a mother, partner, journalist, community worker, spiritual seeker and self-confessed lover all things that are based in joy, ease and grace!

For Shalini, happiness in professional life is helping folk to look at their legal challenges as an opportunity for personal and business growth, while providing practical legal support and having fun and learning lots along the way!