Today I chatted with Dominique Oyston. Dominique works with coaches, authors, speakers, healers, writers and entrepreneurs to transform their communication and confidence. When working with Dominique, her clients experience a personal power evolution through giving voice to their core gifts.

Dominique trained as an actress and opera singer, and is experienced in one of the few techniques that understands genuine vocal power and presence and so she now teaches other women to anchor vocal authority through her signature programs.

Dominique Oyston works with professional women to empower their speaking voice in their business. Her training includes how to line up your business planets of self-expression, confidence, visibility, creative marketing, articulating an aligned offer, authentic elevator pitch, telling your story and creating an inspirational keynote speech.

Our conversation today is all about confidence, voice, finding your inner mentor and the courage to speak your truth to the world. She also suggested we all start practicing the affirmation “I have a voice and the world wants to hear what I have to share”.

I got goosebumps.

Check it out for yourself.

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