Today we meet 2016 Artful Business Conference speaker and emotional empowerment coach, Melanie Midegs. Melanie teaches others about how emotions and feelings affect the success of your business. As much as we might wish they were totally unrelated I think you would have to admit how you FEEL drastically effects how you show up in your business.

So let’s stop pretending we can put these things in two separate boxes and instead embrace our emotions, work out ways to make them work for us and tap into our unique strengths and weaknesses so we can build a stronger more successful business.

Running your own business is full of ups and downs and so is the rest of our lives. Melanie Midegs really encourages people to stop trying to squash the emotional stuff, but to take control of our emotions and get them working for us in our business and be able to move through the yucky stuff with much more speed and grace.

In this video she offers up some gorgeous, practical tips to help you claim your own Emotional Empowerment, and she is just touching the surface of what she will be sharing at Artful Business Conference at the end of the month.

We chat with Melanie Midegs

We chat to Melanie Midegs about who she is, what she does and what knowledge she will be imparting at the 2016 Artful Business Conference.

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