Over the past month I have been chatting live to each of the speakers so you can get to know them a little bit before our big annual conference in May. Today I’m talking with the money lady herself, Sylvia Chierchia.

Sylvia Chierchia is a financial empowerment mentor who combines her extensive financial & bookkeeping background with her NLP training to help female business owners get a grip on their finances. Her passion is to help women get their head out of the sand and wake up to their true worth and financial potential. She provides a potent combination of practical business set up and strategy with money mindset shifts to help women break through unhelpful blocks around money so that they can finally create the income and business they desire.

During our chat today you will learn a bit more about Sylvia, hear about her business, gain some seriously cool advice and tips to apply to your business and get a clear understanding of what Sylvia will be teaching at Artful Business Conference this year.

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