Over the past month I have been chatting live to each of the speakers so you can get to know them a little bit before our big annual conference in May. Today I’m talking with women’s business coach extraordinaire, Tash Corbin.

Tash is a business mentor and coach for heart-centred, soul driven entrepreneurs. She helps fabulous women to build businesses that are aligned to their soul purpose, and that are profitable and sustainable.

During our chat today you will learn a bit more about Tash Corbin, hear about her business, gain some seriously cool advice and tips to apply to your business and get a clear understanding of what Tash will be teaching at Artful Business Conference this year.

Tash and I spoke a little longer than expected today because she has SO MUCH to say about women making good money in their business! We had a lot of fun in this live chat and Tash shared some KILLER ADVICE.

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