Can you believe we are about to hit the second half of the year!? How are you tracking with your goals and intentions for your business this year? Have you checked in to see if you are on track? Have you changed direction entirely?

No matter what stage you are at, the year is slipping away already and we all know it’s only going to get faster.

If you haven’t got your planning sorted yet, or if you made plans and set some goals back in January – but haven’t glanced at them since – now is a perfect time to get re-focused.

Today I wanted to share with you my top 7 tips for making sure I'm moving towards my goals!



My biggest tip when it comes to planning is don’t get overwhelmed. ANY planning is better than no planning so if you are feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand, just start small.

Grab some butchers paper and some bright markers and simply jot down 5-6 things you hope to achieve by the end of the year. Under each one list three actions you need to take to achieve that goal, and if you are feeling daring pop a date (or a month) next to each action to give yourself a deadline.



Once you have mapped out a few goals for yourself and your business find a friend, a business acquaintance or sit down with your partner and share your goals with them.

Ask them to hold you accountable to the deadlines you have set for yourself and offer to do the same for them. If you don’t have anyone you think would be good for the job there are loads of online networking groups for small business where you can find an accountability partner or you could join us in the Artful Business School and find a group of willing accountability partners.



There are six months left in 2017 and a lot can happen in six months, particularly if you set your mind to it.

Decide on one word, or a few themes, for what you want to focus on in your business for the next month. It might be “Pricing” or “Marketing” or “More creative time”.  You can plan it out now for the rest of the year or simply decide what your next monthly focus will be in the last week of each month.

This is a great way to learn more and achieve more in your business by focusing on one thing at a time.



If you have any major goals this year be mindful that it is easy to get lost in the slog of big projects. Take time whenever you’re feeling down to look back at how far you’ve come.

Document your progress as you go and be sure to celebrate the little successes along the way.



How often do you make plans and set goals for your business, only to instantly dismiss them as impossible or at best unlikely?

This habit sets you up for procrastination and self-sabotage from the get go. Be sure to take some time instead to visualise how you will feel when you achieve them and what business will be like if you do reach your goals this year.

Come back to this whenever you need a motivation boost.



It doesn’t matter how small but the more regularly you take action towards reaching your goal the easier it becomes. We often feel overwhelmed, uninspired and life around us gets so busy we run out of time.

Like exercise though, the hardest part is getting started, so even if it is just ten minutes a day make sure you are finding time to take regular action in your business. Lean on your accountability buddies if you need an extra nudge to get started with this daily habit.



It is important to spend time with motivated, positive people who believe in you, trust your goals are achievable and who are actively willing to help you achieve them. We all have those friends who would rather poke fun, and even put us down for trying to make a go of our creative ideas – distance yourself from those people, they will hold you back.

Instead, find a network of like-minded supportive people who will build you up and celebrate with you when you reach a milestone.

Have fun with your goals and celebrate the wins along the way. If you are feeling overwhelmed by how fast the year is moving remember to keep it simple, and break it down. Take small actions as often as you can and you will achieve great things!


What are the 5 or 6 things you hope to achieve with the second half of the year?


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