{Guest Post by Karyn Sealby of KBS Designs & KBS Styling}

When you look on Instagram how often do you double tap on a photo before you read the description below it?

Do you scroll through Pinterest pinning beautiful images dreaming of things you will one day make or holidays you will one day take?

Visual imagery is so important to our marketing on Social Media and it is something I have learnt over time and with amazing support and encouragement I am now sharing my knowledge with others through KBS Styling. I am lucky enough to have an eye for detail and often see the world as a photograph.

I want to share with you my top tips to make your images scroll stoppers.


Having bright crisp images are an important first step to making your images stand out and this is usually done by having great lighting.

Natural lighting is what I like to work with and I am set up next to a big window. I also use a white background as it reflects the light and helps to give your product clearer lines.

If this isn’t an option a light box is readily available on ebay and it comes with all the equipment you need.

Even if you are taking photos in less than desirable lighting having the light in the right position will help your editing in the long run.



Adding props to your photos help others to imagine your product in their own environment. By styling with props that relate to your product but also promote them.

For eg. Styling a lamp on a table surrounded by books and trinkets. A bag styled with items of makeup or food. Jewellery styled with an outfit that you could wear them with.

Props can add a dynamic that leads your eye around the photo.

  aztec table lamp on white    aztec table lamp styled


Editing is the final step in making your photo really stand out from the rest. My three main programs for editing are Photoshop Express on my phone, the free version of www.picmonkey.com and Photoshop Elements.

I take the majority of my photos on my phone so it is important to have an editing app on hand so I can upload instantly on to social media wherever I am.

When you are editing photos I generally start with adjusting the exposure and contrast. I then move on to shadows and vibrancy. These are my basic steps and they are usually enough to make your photo great.

  DSC_2921   glitzs cushion covers

These are some simple tips but will get you on your way to produce scroll stopping images.